Welcome to the LKS internship portal. Our program is designed to provide young law students with a chance to gain valuable experience working in various practical aspects of law.

We offer a wide range of internship opportunities in fields such as indirect and direct taxation, corporate law and IPR etc.

Before you proceed to submit your application form, kindly take some time to go through the following links to get to know LKS better and the opportunities we offer.


At LKS we are looking for budding law students who have entered 4th year of a 5 year law course or 2nd year of a 3 year law course.

At LKS, we pride ourselves in the attention to details and the depth of our legal analysis. We expect the same from all our interns as well.

Our internship policy focuses on those candidates who embody the LKS culture. For us, this is as important as the skills and talent he or she can bring to the firm.

Explore www.lakshmisri.com, consult with your alumni and, if possible, talk with your classmates who have interned with us.